New Morph + New Project = Endless Possibilities.

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

Morph Name:Charcoal

Genetics: Co-Dom

Year Proven: 2009 dominant, 2012 codominant

Breeder: Peter vonLehe Ruegner

The Story on The Charcoal Gene:

In 2007 I acquired an odd African Yellowbelly male ball python. I noticed immediately that he had some of the most extreme blushing I had seen as well as a very prominent blackback. At first he was a problem snake and would not breed anything for me in 2007. In the fall 2008, he bred to 3 females  and in 2009 I hatched yellowbellies, blackback, yellowbelly blackbacks and normals. Only one female blackback was produced in 2009.I kept everything and still have the animals in my collection today. In 2011 and 2012, I had the same breeding results using the original male as well as one of his yellowbelly blackback sons. In 2013, the only female blackback that was breeding size had 3 eggs. I bred her to one of the blackbacks I produced in 2009. I hatched one normal, one blackback, and one super from this clutch.


In 2013, I also bred the original male to a mojave female and hatched out blackback mojaves, blackback yellowbelly mojaves, and blackbacks. After seeing this combo I decided to call the blackback, Charcoal and have used the name since then.


Below are several pics taken from my facebook page:

Photo: This is one of the Charcoal Mojaves from 2013. Notice the influence from the Charcoal gene in the overall silver color as well as the granite speckling on the sides.Charcoal Mojave


Photo: This is my female Super Charcoal. The super is characterized by the extreme granite blasted pattern down the side.Super Charcoal


Photo: Charcoal female. The base form of this gene is characterized by having a black back and having an overall darker appearance.Charcoal


Charcoal Mojave Yb



Charcoal Mojave Yb, Charcoal Mojave and Super Charcoal


YB Charcoal


Charcoal Mojave with Striped Mojave


Charcoal Mojave

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