Clutch Update!

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Photo: This is getting exciting!!! #8

So far I am up to 8 clutches this year with at least 12 more to go and possibly a surprise or two. Every year there seems to be a female who has eggs that I didn’t think was gravid. It never fails.

This year it will probably be a female who stored sperm from previous years! That would be pretty cool actually. I have had something similar happen before and the clutch ended up being a dual sired clutch. The male that the female was paired with the prior year, as well as the current year, ended up siring a clutch.

Anyway, since I am blogging quite a bit, I have decided to create a page dedicated to just my 2014 clutches. Check it out by clicking here and make sure to check back often since a lot still has to be added to it!

If you want to inquire about a particular project, please contact me at 843.209.6941 or at

Around June 1, I am expecting a wave of clutches to be laid. It is going to be a crazy time in about 19 days, but I am more than ready to get all those eggs. This year I will finally be able to see a lot of projects through and I cannot wait for the end results. I will have cool supers and combos this year.

But, the wait is probably going to kill me because I am a very impatient person by nature.

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