On the pricing of adult female ball pythons

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

In 2013 I vended at several reptile shows in South Carolina: Mt. Pleasant, Columbia, and Myrtle Beach as well as sold ball pythons locally and on Facebook. So far, last year was the best year for not only production, but also for sales since I have been breeding ball pythons. Every ball python that I wanted to sell was sold at a profit. You can’t beat that.

And I’m not a big time breeder, not yet anyway…

Last year I hatched out 21 clutches of eggs totaling 147 baby ball pythons. I sold all but the 30 I decided to hold back from my Charcoal and Ebony projects.

Once I sold out of hatchlings, I  had people inquire about my subadults and adults that were for sale. I didn’t have any that were for sale. And never do. Once I have a lot time, energy and money invested into an animal they very rarely get sold.

And here is why: Most of the people who would inquire about me selling any surplus adult females, would also add they will pay me $100 to $200 for my adult normal female ball python today and they have cash-in-hand. Over the years I have always turned down this type of offer. In my experience, the lowest price of a clutch of eggs I have is at  $500.00 with the highest being several thousand. My overall goal is for each clutch to be worth an average $1,000. With the males that I currently have, $1,000 goal per clutch is not that difficult.

Even selling one normal female, is COSTING me money and time…and I don’t like losing either. No one does. The majority of my females will lay every year or every other year and the potential economic value of those clutches is important to me and is factored in to my decision to turn down an offer. Not to mention that in many cases, I have raised the majority of my females from 50 gram hatchlings. So clearly, I have a lot of time, energy and money invested into the animals. And I know I can get clutches from each animal for another 20 plus years, while never producing another normal again! That is why I do not sell them.

Last year, I had an offer for one of my adult female spiders for what many would consider market value. The potential buyer wanted her for immediate breeding and offered $275.00. I turned the offer turn and explained why. Several months later that same female had 5 eggs. Even though 3 were infertile, the other two hatched and I had 2.0 Spiders het Pied. I sold both babies quickly and made $700.00 from the clutch. Once a female ball is up to size, the hard work is over. She can and will produce eggs.

To the left is one of the spiders het pied hatching last summer:

Without taking into account the economic potential of the clutches you can get, you are essentially giving the animals away and losing future profit. I am certain of my ability to successfully breed ball pythons every year. When people offer a lower amount for your adult female and you accept it, they are essentially taking the money out of your pocket! I don’t care that people sell their adults for $100 to $200 each, I personally just won’t do it for the reasons outlined here. For those who have known me personally, know that I am not one to do something just because everyone else is doing it. Maybe that is part of the reason I have had success at the breeding game….


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