The Future of Expos: ReptiDay

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

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Since 2009, I have vended at Repticon Reptile Expos in South Carolina, but have never been able to venture outside of the state. That is about to change with ReptiDay- a one day reptile show.  Repticon is known for having great 2 days shows all over the country and I expect that ReptiDay will be just as great, if not better. I do believe that one day shows will be the future of the expo business for several reasons.

From a vender’s perspective, one day shows are going to cut down on overhead costs substantially and that is something that I look forward to. That is one reason why I have not vended outside of SC. The price of hotels, gas and food quickly add up and take a margin out of my profit. I expect that one shows will be a lot of work but they will be worth it: it will be a solid 24 hours of “Go Time”. Having one day shows means that I will be able to vend at MANY more shows than I expected this year.

As much as I enjoy doing a 2 day show, it does take a lot of prep, setup and break down time. The weekend is over and I still have work that must be completed in the snake building as soon as I get back. The rats need feeding and everything needs to be checked. Eggs need to be pulled and hatchlings need to be setup. It is a lot to do especially when time is limited. ReptiDay will allow me to have all day Sunday to do what I need to do to care for my collection without getting behind on my work.

Basically, this is what Saturdays will look like for ReptiDay for me.

  1.  Pack everything up and leave for the show early in the morning. Probably between 3:30 and 6:30 depending where it is.
  2. Get to the show and have everything setup in 15 minutes, remember this is Go Time and there is no down time. Ever.
  3. Sell snakes from before opening until the show closes.
  4. Pack up in 15 minutes and leave to go home.
  5. Hopefully get home and unpacked by midnight.

Just thinking about this is getting me excited. There is no doubt that it will be a high pace day that will be filled with a lot of work, but I enjoy fast paced work: it will be an adrenaline rush!!!

Make sure to check out the Expo Page to see what shows I am booked for in 2014 and I hope to see you guys soon!

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