Why I NEVER call my “dinkers” NORMAL. EVER.

Posted: July 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

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At this point, I have proven out probably close to one dozen base codominant or dominant ball python traits. Some of those projects I have made public while others have been kept under wraps. In a second, I will list them, but I will not post pics of each mutation. 😉

Many of you are now familiar with the Charcoal, a codom mutation that I proved out many years ago. That was listed on the World of Ball Pythons this past April. Here is a screen shot of it!

The names are not the best, but I have never called them normals. Some of them proved to be replicas of existing morphs, while others are new lines unique, as far as I know, to my collection.

In addition to the Charcoal, the list of others that I have proven out are: Granite line 1, Granite line 2, Codom Stripe, Genetic Banded, Swirl, Hyper-melanistic, Melted, and IMG. These animals are ones that are not replicas of existing morphs and I should change their names. And I will at some point once I decide to market them to the public.

I did also prove out my own Red Axanthic, Mojave and Yellowbelly lines.

In the recessive area, I am on the verge of proving my Ebony ball to be a recessive trait. Once I hatch out replicas of the original male, I will call them Black Diamonds.

And those are just base morphs….here are the combos I have made with the above mentioned morphs over the last 8 years: Super Charcoal, Charcoal Granite, Granite Stripe, Charcoal YB, Charcoal Mojave, Charcoal Mojave YB, Charcoal Banded, Charcoal Pastel, Charcoal Pastave, Mojave x Granite x Stripe, Mojave Swirl, Charcoal x Granite x Stripe x YB, Hyper Striper Mojave, and others that are hidden on my racks. 😉

How many is that now, I have lost count? But hopefully you get the point…..

Many of these projects have taken me 8 years or longer to get them to where they are today. At no point during that period did I ever call them normals. Clearly, they were not normals. And calling them such would devalue my work and the genetics of the animals.

I didn’t care what other’s thought about my “new” morphs, so I didn’t ask. I do know that nearly every animal I have listed could be regarded as a normal to the untrained eye. But that did not stop me from proving my projects out.

Does every project prove out? No. But as you can see, a lot do and they make some pretty cool combos.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think the first albinos were called normals before they were proven genetic…

From a marketing perspective, it makes no sense at all. Normals are associated with being cheap and by calling your new morph that, that is what you are essentially doing. The project is being killed before it even begins.

But calling your animals by what you think they are adds value to them. Make no mistake, I am not saying to sell your new project as genetic prior to being proven genetic. That is unethical and fraudulent. Breed it out and prove it before you sell them. Getting my collection to where it now has not been easy. Proving these projects out meant that I had to hold back F1s, F2s, and F3s to get to where I am now. I have more balls than I can count. This year I will produce F4s which is really cool to me…See the project through and you won’t be let down. Who knows what you could end up producing?

There are more pictures of most of the projects listed above on my Facebook page, so check that out if you want to see more pics!

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