Price List

Posted: August 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

The animals listed below are all 2014s. This is a preliminary list of animals with many more expected to be added in the coming days. Individual pics available upon request for serious inquiries only. Previous customers will receive a discount. Purchase of multiple animals will receive a discount. ***I will also be starting a SECRET Facebook group for my current and previous customers where I will share all my ball python breeding secrets and there are a lot of them that I don’t post here on my blog!***

To inquire about a particular animal, please send me a private message on Facebook or text me at (843)-209-6941. Texts take priority.

 ——->>>>Mojaves: $100/male; $200/female

——->>>>Albinos PHet Axanthic: $250/male

——->>>>Axanthic Het Albino: $250/male

——->>>>Axanthic Spider Het Albino: $500/male

——->>>>Het Albino PHet Axanthic: $150/female

——->>>>Ivories: $500/female

——->>>>Pieds PHet Axanthic : $500/male

——->>>>Het Pieds: $97/male; $200/female

——->>>>Yellowbellies: $200/female

——->>>> Reduced Pattern Albino Spider PHet Axanthic: $500/ male                                          (Pictured)

——->>>>High Contrast White-Back Albinos PHet Axanthic: $275/male

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