The Odd Ball’s Tri-Stripe Line

Posted: December 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

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This past August I was fortunate enough to hatch 3 tri stripe ball pythons as well as hets and possible hets! My holdback male tri stripe pos het pied will be breeding soon and I cannot wait to see the combos he will make when paired to pastels, lessers, mojaves, charcoals, and everything else. His double het tri stripe/pied father is breeding my double het female, so hopefully I will get a tri stripe pied next summer! That is going to be a sick combo!!!

As you can see, my holdback male is also “super reduced pattern” as well. Rather than the traditional 3 stripes, he has only one thick stripe with a few small remnants of the other other stripes. The reduced pattern gene seems to run along side my pied line, which is why I am confident that he will prove to be het pied. At the rate he is growing he will be breeding in another month or so.

The tri stripe project is going to be big because they are visually stunning animals and will make killer combos. 

Check out the pics below and make sure to follow my blog! I will be updating it again regularly again while I am on a break from law school!

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