Pairings so far this season…

Posted: December 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

I am expecting the summer of 2015 to be the best production year yet! Then again, I say that every year!

Rather than produce animals for the sake of production, I am aiming to produce 20 clutches again next year and possibly 25 total if every female has viable eggs! Law school is super busy and I don’t want to be overrun with too many animals and not enough time to properly care for them.

As many of you know, I was fortunate enough to produce several tri-stripe balls this past August and I am hoping to produce several more this coming year. As it turns out, I have quite a few het and pos het females that are being bred now!

I believe everything will be better with tri-stripe, which is what a lot of my pairings are focusing on. I will get the tri-stripe into albinos, spiders, caramels and pieds this coming season. Hopefully, I will hit on a Tri-Pied! I have a chance to do that from the pairings that are going on today.

Some other pairings include the following: I have had an Albino Spider het axanthic to Mojave het albino/pos het axanthic, Pied pos het axanthic to het Pied pos het axanthic, Double het tri stripe pied to double het tri stripe pied, Albino het axanthic to double het, Lemon Blast to Albino Spider, Caramel to spider het caramel and a lot of others.

Make sure to leave a comment with a request for future blog topics!

—Peter v. Ruegner

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