Designing a ball python room…

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

As I previously posted, I recently purchased a nearly one thousand square foot building to house my ball python collection. As of right now, I am only using a 300 square foot room to keep them in. As the collection expands, I will use the other parts of the building. With this room, I wanted to make sure that it held heat very well, I decided to add a plywood floor over the carpet as well insulation boards to the walls. Both will help trap heat in the room and keep the temps in the desired ranges with less energy. I worried about leaving carpet in the room because it could catch fire and it would make rolling the racks more difficult. The entire remodeling of the room took about 8 hours total. Moving the snakes in, which I am still not done with, has taken a long time. I hope to have all the snakes finished being moved in by this weekend. In other news, it appears that several females are on the verge of ovulating. Below are some pics of the room!!!

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