Some exciting updates…

Posted: March 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

It is already mid-March and I am now anticipating what females are about to ovulate. Within the last week, there have been ten more ovulations and a handful of pre-lay sheds. My double het pied/tri-stripe female was one of the females to ovulate this past week. Of all my clutches this year, I am most looking forward to the tri-stripe stuff.

My monster female, who laid 15 good eggs in 2013, also just ovulated.  I wonder if she will break her previous record this year? I hope she has 16 for the record…

I will also see if the 2nd and 3rd lines of tri-stripe are compatible with line 1. A female from line 2 and 3 ovulated this week as well.  If these lines are in fact compatible, then the tri-stripe will end up being the morph that I am known for producing. If my theories are accurate and prove out, then I will have more het tri-stripe stuff than I previously thought. What I mean by that is most of my holdbacks from 2013 are actually het for tri-stripe and those females will be breeding this fall!

After thinking about, I have decided against a walk in incubator and will do maternal incubation for a third year! That seems to be the safest for the eggs. I am really looking forward to having new hatchlings this summer.

I will post another update once I get some eggs!

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