Some Tri-Stripe Stuff…

Posted: July 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

I have been posting pics over the last year of my super reduced pattern Tri-Stripe pos het pied ball python. Of all the ball pythons I hatched last summer, he is the most unique and I have a lot of pairings planned for this coming fall. Everyone comments on how he is nearly pattern-less on his sides. At first I attributed the reduced pattern to the fact that he carried the pied gene and the washed out pattern was the pied’s way of showing a het marker. However, after looking more closely at the animals from the lineage of this male, I am more certain he has another gene, one that is similar to the blade morph. I have a lot of het Tri-Stripe and Pied stuff and over half of the animals from this group are nicely banded. See the pics below of the banded het Tri-Stripe, however, I also have ones that are not banded.

I believe my Tri-Stripe male is a super genetic reduced pattern morph, similar to the Blade, as well as het pied since he carries the het pied marker. Anyway, with as many eggs that I have incubating from this project, I will know soon enough exactly what is going on genetically.

I am hoping to have more hatch out this summer and expect them to sell quickly, so if you are interested send me a message on facebook.





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