Albino and Pastel Sugar Ovulations…

Posted: April 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

Today my 2006 Albino female and my 2012 Pastel Sugar female ovulated. I am really excited about both clutches that will be produced. The Albino will have all Albinos or maybe some Albino Spiders. I will probably holdback all the females from this clutch! Albinos are always one of the easiest morphs to sell. They are just a classic mutation that everyone has to have. Currently, I have 7 visuals albinos and a large number of hets. Most are either spider or mojave. Next season I am shooting for an Albino Super Mojave. I have seen some pics and they are truly spectacular animals.

The Pastel Sugar female will hopefully produce a “Super Pastel-Spider-Black Pastel-Sugar”, which will be a world’s first. She has been exclusively paired to a black widow male so there will be some crazy combos in this clutch for sure. The “Super Pastel-Black Pastel-Sugar” male she produced last year will be breeding this fall. He will be a stud and will sire some crazy combos when paired to any female.

In other news, I paired my Corn Snakes over the last few days and have seen some locks! I am hoping for 1 to 4 females to have eggs this year. Make sure to check back for more updates and suggest a topic below!

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