New Albino Pied Male…

Posted: April 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

I have added a bunch of new snakes this year to the breeding colony. Last weekend I decided I needed to get an Albino Pied male so I could make some cool combos in the future. So, I got onto and started looking. I don’t normally buy snakes off the internet because I like looking at them up close. But I figured why not? So I paid for him on Sunday, he was shipped Monday and I received at 1030 on Tuesday. It was a very quick process and I am very pleased him. I can’t wait for this coming season so I can start pairing him with my albinos and pieds. He is a low white pied which I think is really cool. He has produced medium to high white pieds for his previous owner. I can’t wait to produce more. The Albino Pied is a clearly a combination of the two most popular base ball python morphs and I hope to produce a bunch of them in the coming years. I am now actually in the market for a subadult double het female or 2 or 3. Anyway, I will post some updates as they develop, but here are some pics of him!

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