Ovulations so far this season…

Posted: April 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

So far this spring I have had the following females ovulate:

  1. Normal female bred to either a banana bee or black widow;
  2. Sugar pastel female bred to a black widow;
  3. Pastel axanthic female to a pastel het axanthic;
  4. Albino female to either a pied or albino;
  5. Spider het albino female to albino;
  6. Spider female to an array of males,
  7. Het tri stripe female to tri stripe het pied (She should actually ovulate any day now)
  8. Albino het granite Burmese python to albino pos het granite male.

I will probably have some more ovuations shortly. A lot of the males have lost interest in breeding at this point so I am no longer really trying to pair any animals. Several of the other het tri stripe het pied females should ovulate as well as two mojave het albinos. I will be pairing my corn snakes again soon, but my male ultramel has bred to my 2 snows and my albino!

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