Super dark and awesome mojave combo…

Posted: April 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

Many of you who have followed this page over the last two years probably remember this guy. This a combo between a mojave and a codom granite stripe and possibly something else. I’ve produced to versions of this gene with mojave and one with yb as well as the codom granite stripe in the single gene form.


These are super cool animals…I’ve actually been breeding for the super granite stripe this season, so I may get some more answers on that soon. I think a pied version of this combo will be killer. Anyway, the male pictured here has been a crazy stud this season and would probably breed my arm if I held him long enough.


The striping and overall darkness of this morph is very obvious. He’s stunning in person and will make awesome combos. This past season he’s been breeding to several spiders, mojaves, het reds, and several others.


I love the stripe that this guy has. The stripe is identical to the stripe on the founding female of this line. It’s amazing what the granite did to the mojave by making him super dark. I can’t wait to see the super granite stripe mojave….just think how dark that’s going to be.  It will be unbelievable, I’m sure. 

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