Sugar pastel prelay shed…

Posted: May 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s time for the count down for a really cool clutch to start. This is a 2012 female and I’m expecting her to have a nice large clutch. She’s a very high white example of the sugar mutation. And with pastel on top of it, she just glows in person.  Anyway, this double gene female has bred to a black widow male (pastel X spider X black pastel), so there could be some crazy combos in this clutch.


I hope to get a killer bee sugar or a silver streak sugar bee or another sugar silver streak. Any of those would be awesome to find in my incubator later this summer.    What I also plan to do this coming season is breed my sugar silver streak to my pastel axanthic or axanthic female. 

I really think a sugar axanthic or pastel sugar axanthic will be absolutely amazing.  And not to mention, a tri stripe sugar will be stunning.  Just try to picture it, a traditional looking tri stripe with three nice stripes will while breaking into.


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