Charcoal x spider x mojave 

Posted: December 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

Since starting law school in 2014, I haven’t posted a lot about my dinker projects that have proven out. 

But I’ve been making some really interesting things the last few years and  really expect 2017 to be the year of the charcoal crosses!  This past season I hatched out a crazy combo. It was nothing like I expected.  The charcoal x spider x mojave was expected to be nearly solid black, but the opposite is what was produced.  She’s the brightest yellow snake I’ve produced and has gotten brighter with each shed. 

There is no pastel in this combo. The yellow is neon in person. 

This is here father: 

That’s a super charcoal mojave,  with maybe something else in there. He was bred to a virgin spider female that I hatched out and raised to breeding size. 

The male pictured above has been breeding to a very nice group of females this season: pastel sugar, spider, charcoal,  het red axanthic,  leopard and several others! There will be some really astonishing combos produced in 2017 and this project is going to go to new heights. 

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