More ovulations!  

Posted: March 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

This season is really off to a banging start.  Literally.  In every sense.

 I’ve already 20 ovulations, and since that last post I’ve had another half dozen start ovulating! That last post was maybe a week ago…

 My white diamond female being one of them. She’s bred to my super charcoal mojave male. That’s going to be a killer clutch of eggs. I’m hoping the charcoal BEL is purple looking. 

Two het tri stripes are also ovulating.  Hopefully between the two of them, they produce some nice looking tri stripes.  

I’ve had two mojave het albino females go as well. They were bred to my albino pied male. Maybe a pied will pop out as a surprise in one of these clutches of eggs! 

The most recent female to ovulate is my pastel axanthic.  I’m really excited about her going. She’s absolutely gorgeous.  She has a silver-ish blue color to her and produces really nice looking axanthics, pastel axanthics,  and super pastel axanthics!  

Next up to ovulate will be my het ivory. She’s looking really big, so I expect her to go pretty soon. When it’s all said and done, I’m going to have 40 ovulations this year! 

It’s a good thing I have as many shows booked as I do this year and that I’m on MorphMarket!  

Once eggs are laid, I’m going to have a new 2017 page where you can follow all the clutch happenings. 

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