Watch “Maternally incubating ball python eggs hatching!” on YouTube

Posted: March 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

So I was going through my youtube  videos  and watched this short clip from 2014 of some eggs hatching using  maternal  incubation. With so many clutches coming this year, I’m  going to let several  of the females  maternally  incubate the eggs and I’m  going to post weekly update videos about the process.

Everything  from laying, the females  eating while incubating their eggs, the pre hatch shed, and eventual  hatching  will be documented on my youtube  channel!  It’s  going to be a fun project that not many people have seen, let alone experienced.

In 2013 I hatched roughly 23 clutches of eggs successfully  using maternal  incubation and in 2014, I  had 10 or 12 MI and hatched 10 using artificial  incubation.  (I’d  have to go back to the hard copy of my data, I can’t remember  off the top of my head.)

Anyway, stay tuned!

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