Tri-Stripe Pied!?!? or Pied 100% het Tri-Stripe!?!?

Posted: August 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

Many of you have followed this project since 2014 when I produced my first Tri-Stripes. That year I produced a Tri-Stripe that was 66% het pied,  but he had very strong het pied markers so I knew he was a het pied. 

Here he is and he’s amazing: 

This picture of him is from earlier this year. 

Anyway, I have been trying year after year to produce a Tri-Stripe Pied. I only produced 1 Tri-Stripe in 2015, none in 2016, and 2 earlier this season. Those two are quite nice examples of the morph and are 66% het pied.  

Here’s the male: 

And here’s the female:

As you can see, each Tri-Stripe is different.  No two are the same. They are polymorphic. 

 That makes the morph extremely fun to work with.  I love how the female above is banded towards the lower half of her body. It’s very odd, but shows how diverse this morph can be. 

The mother to these two was produced by me in 2009 amd this was her second clutch of eggs.  She’s a double het Tri-Stripe Pied.

My most recent clutch from this project started pipping two days ago and had extremely spectacular results. I have 1 Het Tri-Stripe pos het pied, 1 Tri-Stripe pos het pied, and 3 Pieds that are extremely weird looking.  The pieds are either Tri-Stripe Pieds or Pieds 100% het Tri-Stripe. Either way, I’m extremely happy with them. 

Normally,  Pied combos are super high white, but these are the opposite: low white with lots of color and contrast! 

Here’s the Tri-Stripe still in the egg. He should emerge by tonight or tomorrow.  

Here is a group pic of the pieds and the het: 


As you can see, these Pieds have odd patterning to them. They have the same banding as the female Tri-Stripe pictured above. 

And then there’s this one, which I think is a double visual possibly: 

Here’s he is alone: 

These were quick pics I took this morning.  On the one pictured above you can see the yellow stripe as well as the banding on him. Some Tri-Stripes have a yellow stripe that goes down the center black stripe.  I believe that is the case with this one.  I think when the Pied and Tri-Stripe mixed, this is what resulted. 

I will post more pictures after they shed. But either way,  I’m super excited about this big step forward with this project. 

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