It’s day 2 of the breeding season….

Posted: November 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

….and ready I have several pairs locked up! Yesterday,  I put my mojave het albino with an albino mojave,  my white widow with a yellowbelly,  my double het tri stripe pieds together, my pied and a het, and an albino pied to a pied! Several of these locked up last night! 

How crazy is it that I already have snakes breeding for the 2018 season?!?! 

Here is my albino mojave and mojave het albino breeding last night!  I’m really looking forward to an albino super mojave next year.  With some luck I might end up with several of them! 

The pic above is of my double het tri stripe pieds breeding from last week! They were locked up again though last night.  

Things are, as you can see, getting underway over here!  Happy November!  

Thanks,  Peter Ruegner 

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