2017/2018 Breeding Season Pairings! New LOCKS! 

Posted: November 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

Yesterday,  11/17/17, I paired quite a few ball pythons up! This morning I had several pairs locked up. My albino mojave was breeding my mojave het albino.  I’ve been wanting to produce an albino super mojave for years and now I should be able to next season! A pair of double het tri stripe pieds were also locked up. I should have as many as 5 clutches from this project next year so I’m sure I will hit the double recessive.  My ivory was breeding my massive African yb female so I’m hoping to finally prove her out and get some ivories! Next year, I should also get my first all pied clutch of eggs which is going to be great!  

My black stripe project is something I’m really excited about. My pastel double het axanthic black stripe male was locked up to my het black stripe female.  A pastel black stripe is going to be killer looking! Below are my two future breeder males: an axanthic black stripe and black stripe het axanthic! 

My tri-stripe het pied was courting a double het female this morning as well!  Things are moving quickly over here and I’m really looking forward to having more eggs in about 4 months! 

I still have some 2017s left so if you’re looking for a new ball python or corn snake,  send me a text at 843 209 6941!  

Thanks, Peter Ruegner 

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