More corn snake eggs!

Posted: June 4, 2019 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, I got my fourth clutch of corn snake eggs for the season. My female snow het dilute, charcoal, hypo and lavender had her second clutch of the year. She laid 6 more eggs. This is actually an older animal— I hatched her out in 2008 right before I started college. My favorite corn morph I should produce this year is called Whiteout which is a combo of dilute and charcoal and albino which makes a virtually solid white snake with light blotching on the back.

I believe the blotching is caused by the various other genes the mom and dad carry. A have a female whiteout I held back from 2017 that will breed next season and I am ready to see what comes out on her clutch. In 2017 I also hatched what I believe to be a lavender dilute ultramel which is very purple color even at two years old. I will snap some pics of her and post on Instagram this morning.

What I like most about the corn snake eggs is that they can incubate at a wide ranger of temperatures. I’ve incubated them successfully as low as 78 to as high as 90. This year I set egg boxes on top of a ball python rack in the snake room. The temperature in there swings from 78 at night to 90 in the afternoon.

My first batch of corn eggs will hatch in about 2 weeks! I’m really looking forward to having a bunch of babies this summer!

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