Maternal incubation 2019!

Posted: June 5, 2019 in Uncategorized

Over the years I’ve let many dozens of female ball pythons incubate their eggs…in 2018 I used the incubator exclusively but this year am going to do a mix of artificial incubation and maternal incubation. Maternal incubation has always been a fun adventure and I enjoyed dispelling the myths associated with it: particularly that the females won’t eat while on eggs and that it’s unsafe. Both of which are false.

In 2014, my first tri-stripes were hatched via maternal incubation! That same female is due to lay eggs any day now!

Depending on how many eggs she has and how stuck together they are, I’m inclined to let my big burmese incubate her eggs as well.

Have any of you reading this ever let your snakes incubate their own eggs? Comment below and tell me your experiences!

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