Please check out my store at http://www.morphmarket.com/stores/petervruegner to see what I have currently listed for sale. However, that is not a full list.

Please email me at pvruegne@g.cofc.edu or text me at (843) 209-6941 with any questions you may have or to inquire about other animals that may not be listed above.

Thanks, Peter v. Ruegner

TERMS: Failure to read these terms carefully does not waive them in anyway whatsoever. These terms will be enforced regardless of your failure to have read them. These terms apply to all transactions associated with Peter v. Ruegner, the seller. When purchasing an any item from Peter  v. Ruegner, you, the buyer, have entered into a contract for the sale of goods, which is governed under the Uniform Commercial Code or UCC. All sales are final. There are not express or implied warranties. At the time of sale, all animals are in apparent good heath and are eating. Once the transaction has occurred, the seller is no longer responsible for the animal. The seller will do short term payment plans on a case by case basis. However, on payment plans the buyer must pay the animal off within the agreed to time, or will forfeit the animal or item in question, and will not get any money back. Deposits are nonrefundable. NO EXCEPTIONS. The seller also reserves the right to charge feeding and maintenance fees associated with the care of the animals while they are being paid off or waiting to be picked up. Fees incurred will be a dollar a day per snake and three dollars per feeding per snake. In other words, if the seller keeps a snake for 30 days for a payment plan, the buyer will owe the seller thirty dollars for housing and twelve dollars for feed, which totals forty two dollars a month per snake, which is in addition to the amount owed on the snake. Late fees for late payment will be fifty dollars on the first late payment and one hundred dollars on the second late payment. A third late payment will not be accepted under any circumstances and the contract is then voided. Fees are nonwaiveable. If the said fees are not paid, the buyer forfeits the animal and all money that has been paid. The seller also reserves the right to report any late payments or missed payments to the credit reporting agencies. The seller does not ship normally nor does the seller deliver animals, unless they are being picked up in person at a show where the seller is vending, and at times the seller will ship but on a case by case basis . Any disputes are to be dealt with via Mandatory Binding arbitration  a arbitrator  of the Peter v. Ruegner’s choosing. Buyer is relinquishing any right to a jury trial and any dispute is to be done via Binding  arbitration . By purchasing a good from the seller, the buyer automatically enters into the above stated contract as outlined specifically above. These terms as defined in this page are the final written expression of the intent of the seller and buyer and the Parol Evidence Rule will block any oral testimony. The seller also reserves the right to enforce any contractual agreement in a court of law, which will be at the buyer’s expense. The buyer will be responsible for the seller’s attorney’s fees. There are to be no modifications to these terms. Prices are not firm and can change at anytime at the seller’s sole discretion. if paid with a check, the check must clear my bank before payment  is considered  tendered. Animals  will not be shipped or tendered  until the check has cleared. sales are shipment  contracts, if shipped and rol is on the buyer. 

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