2016 Clutches!!!!

Here is where I will post all of the clutches for this season! Stay tuned for more updates! Over the next few months it will be updated a lot!  _________________________________________________________________

1) Black widow and banana bee x normal. 6 eggs. Laid 5/18/16. Expected to hatch by 7/18/16.



2) Albino x Albino, Tri-Stripe. 6 eggs. Laid 6/8/16. Expected to hatch by 8/8/16.20160606_213622.jpg

3). Pastel Sugar x Black Widow. 5 eggs. Laid 6/8/16. Expected to hatch by 8/8/16.


4). Albino Burmese x Albino Burmese. I am letting her do maternal incubation, so I have no idea how many eggs. Laid. 6/11/16. Expected to hatch by 8/11/16.