Pied Het Tri-Stripe to Double Het!

Posted: June 2, 2019 in Uncategorized

This has been one of my longest drawn out projects to date but I am certain that I will hit the double visual either later this summer or in early 2020! The male Pied Het Tri-Stripe has proven to be a prolific breeder. He lives for the lady’s pleasure. He’s about 700 grams now and is a complete stud. He’s been breeding to several of my double het females. Even if I miss with the double het girls, my pied het tri-stripe females will breed this fall. Breeding the pied het tri-stripes together will produce all pieds with 25℅ being Tri-Stripe! So from eight eggs I should hatch 6 pieds and 2 Tri-Stripe Pieds!I know that this will be a great looking double visual and I’m excited about seeing it! It will be the first one produced ever so I’m also looking forward to the positive attention this combo gets!

Below are some pics of the male breeding and of my Tri-Stripe ands pieds from this project. Comment below and let me know your thoughts on this project!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday! – Peter v. Ruegner

  1. very cool, excited to see the double visual!

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