Another start to ovulation and another double het tri-stripe pied about to ovulate!

Posted: June 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, my genetic African cinnamon started to her ovulation for the season! This female came into the US in 2006 and has been in my collection ever since. Back in 2006 cinnamons were still pretty rare so I was excited to have an African import. In 2015 she had here first clutch and proved to be to genetic, so I was very happy about that! This year she has been bred to my white widow make and her 2015 son. She appears to have 7 or 8 eggs developing and I am excited about seeing her on some eggs later this summer.

Before I fed snakes this morning, I had to separate pairs and decided to palpate one of the double het tri-stripe pied females. She’s got half a dozen large marble sized follicles developing! With a few more pairings to either the tri stripe het pied or the pied het tri stripe I know she will ovulate! I’m still waiting on my first 2019 clutch of ball eggs to be laid, but it should happen any day.

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