Albino Mojave Het Pied! Soon Albino Super Mojaves!

Posted: June 7, 2019 in Uncategorized

One project I have been working on forever is producing an albino super mojave! I always liked the idea of having a solid white ball python with pink or red eyes. I started the project about a decade ago by breeding my male mojave to my albino female. I produced two female Mojaves het Albino in 2011. I then raised both girls up and bred them to an albino male and hatched my first albino Mojaves in 2015. I hatched out two females which I kept and still have. Unfortunately, I had no males produced at this point.

Finally, I produced this male in 2017 and he’s become a great breeder this season. He’s the only male albino mojave I’ve produced. I’ve had a lot of females produced though.

Anyway, I’ve been breeding him to my albino mojave females so when they have eggs I have a 25℅ chance of producing a red eyed luecistic. And they will be pos het pied as well so that will be fun to play with in a few years. His father is my albino leopard pied and I’m pretty certain this male is a leopard as well judging by the extreme oranges in him as opposed to the unrelated Albino Mojaves which didn’t hold the orange as they aged.

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