The VALUE of hets and POSSIBLE hets

Posted: July 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

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Now a days, people always seem to write hets and definitely pos hets off as a waste of rack space. I could not disagree more with that thinking. Hets and pos hets have hatched me pieds on more than occasion now.

The first Pied I ever saw was sold for $10,000 back in 2004. At the time, het males were around $700 and females were at $2,500.

I bought my first Pos Het Pied male in 2006 and he sired a clutch in 2007. I bred him to an African Ringer hoping something neat would happen. Of 6 eggs, only one was good and that baby had a SOLID ringer, like the mother, and had the strongest het pied markers that I had ever seen.

I had no doubt that he would prove out to be a het pied. I finally purchased a 100% het Pied female and she produced her first clutch in 2012. She had 2 eggs that were sired by my pos het male. I just knew that I would miss the odds and wind up with a pos het male. Well, I was half right. I ended up hatching a nice male high white pied from that one egg! Talk about luck!

Fast-forward to now, and I am breeding my 2 Pied males to hets and pos hets. Most of you know that I just had a clutch of eggs from Pied to Het hatch and I missed the odds. That female is actually the mother to the Pied I produced in 2012 so there was no doubt about her genetics.

For some reason, I was worried about this second clutch. I was worried my pos het would not prove out. Well, I got home and saw the eggs had pipped. I only saw their heads, but I KNEW they were Pieds. I cut them a little more and BAM: PIEDS! Three to be exact and 2 more hets!

So who is still saying pos hets are not worth it? Not this guy…That’s for sure.

  1. reptileman1 says:

    I hear ya Lehe! I started with POSS Hets males in 1998. Pete Kahl allowed me to choose from ALL of his holdback poss het males. I chose 6 of the largest. The markers had NOT been ID at that time. He wanted $1500.00 each. I got him down a little…. for POSS hets males! You can’t GIVE poss het males away now! After breeding as many normal females as possible and holding back ALL the girls I finally produced Snowflake, my first pied and about 98% white. He was the 157th animal to hatch that year (2002) out of 157 eggs….. Nice ending.

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