Some new ball pythons…

Posted: January 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

Well, I finally bought some new snakes! I have been wanting to add to the collection for some time now and recently had the chance to add new genes. I have not purchased a new ball python since 2012, so I was long overdue to get some new ones. I am very excited about these new animals, a total in 17 to be exact!

A local breeder decided to sell her collection, and I could not pass it up.

Within the group, there was a subadult female Pied, which I am really excited about breeding! A massive VPI Axanthic and Pastel Axanthic females were also in the group. I finally have a Pastel Sugar female and a Super Pastel Sugar Black Pastel—and this killer combo is a male. so he will breed next fall!

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This male is crazy in person! Super Pastel Sugar Black Pastel! 


This is a massive female Pastel Sugar! I am really excited to see what she does this season!


This is a very nice pastel axanthic female. She will be breeding to the Pastel het Axanthic male! Super Pastel Axanthics are going to be hot! Eventually I want to produce a Super Pastel Axanthic Sugar Black Pastel! 


This female pied will be used to produce more pieds! Pieds are one of my favorite morphs, but I have only produced 4 in total. Hopefully she will be able to change those number! 


This male is silver and white in person. He is a Pastel x Spider x Black Pastel or a Black Widow! He is amazing in person and is a very good breeder! He is the father to the animal in the first pic! 




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