One step closer to the Tri-stripe Pied! 

Posted: April 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

My double het tri stripe pied had her prelay shed today!  This is one of the clutches that I’m most excited for this year. I have another double het female that is ovulating right now as well and another that should start ovulating any day now. 

I’ve had several other pre lay shed and ovulations over here recently as well. Another mojave het albino had her prelay shed from being paired with an albino pied male! My genetic orange gene female just ovulated from being bred to my yb widow male. My het ivory also just ovulated.  

Ball clutch 4 and 5 should be laid any day now and my first corn snake clutch should be laid in a few weeks!  Lots of things are going on over here! 

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